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House on Rodeo Gulch, the movieWilliam Scherer- Producer, Writer, Director, Editor

Having lived all over the world as a Navy brat, Bill grew up mostly in the Washington DC area and went to college at the Virginia Military Institute. Upon graduation he received an Officer’s commission in the Army where he spent three years with the 82d Airborne Division as an Airborne/Ranger. Having done theater in high school, his nights were spent at the Fort Bragg playhouse where he had many leads.

Upon leaving the Army, Bill travelled to Hollywood where he got involved in TV and Movie industry. He has acted in movies and theatre with Academy Award winner George C. Scott, Dorothy Lamour, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Carol Burnett, Helen Hunt among others but it was behind the camera that most fascinated him the most. There he was able to learn his photographic craft from some of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors and cinematographers like Academy Award winner, Robert Wise. The first script he wrote, a TV comedy pilot, got him signed with one of the top agencies in Los Angeles and was bought by Universal Studios which got him into the WGAW. He is also a member of SAG and AEA.

Bill eventually relocated north to Central California where he raised a family, and became involved in numerous business and media projects. Having learned to fly in the Army, he acquired an airplane and quickly became one of the leading Fine Art Aerial photographers in the country (See: www.WilliamSchererPhotography.com). As Bill explains. “There’s something fulfilling about shooting Fine Art Photography while flying 100 mph, 300 feet off the ground.” Along the way in his spare time, he set three World Land Speed records on his Kawasaki ZX-14 motorcycle at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats where he went 200 mph.

A movie maker at heart, Bill continued writing and developing story-lines for full length features. After completing the script House on Rodeo Gulch, a psychological thriller, loosely based on personal experience involving a rental tenant-from-hell experience, Bill decided it was time to produce and direct. His vision was to create a compelling independent movie with the production values of multi-million dollar Hollywood production.

Bill is currently engaged in the promotion and marketing of House on Rodeo Gulch. Bill expects a release in the summer of 2017. Look for announcements on this site or on “https://www.facebook.com/HouseOnRodeoGulch“.

His next two projects, which he wrote, are “Cantina Bay“, an exciting thriller/love story based on a US Senator accidentally shooting a woman while on a camping trip in Baja, Mexico and “Fore” an outrageous, sophisticated comedy about Bill’s favorite sport- golf which was inspired by the hit movie Caddyshack.


House on Rodeo Gulch, the movie

Chanel Ryan-

We are fortunate to have Chanel Ryan starring as the “tormented mother”. A veteran in the motion picture industry, she can be seen in over fifteen motion pictures and television shows. As a former model, Chanel was once voted as one of the “hottest women in the world” in four different continents. With a large International following House on Rodeo Gulch should do very well with the international box office.

House on Rodeo Gulch, the movie

Megan Jay Simrell-

Bill discovered Miss Megan Jay after having read over twenty young girls for the part of Shani. Filled with humor, beauty and a cockiness beyond her years, this young sixteen year old nailed her character as good as any seasoned Hollywood professional. We all expect great things happening with this young lady in the World of Show business. She is one to be watched.

House on Rodeo Gulch, the movie

Jaye Wolfe-

A veteran of the stage and theater, we are fortunate to have Jaye playing the role of our minister of God, James Christianson. Mean, terrifying, yet seemly gentle to his flock, Jaye terrifies the audience with his bi-polar disorder. We are fortunate to have caught him in between engagements. He is a superb actor with a wide range.


 House on Rodeo Gulch, the movie

Adrian Torres-

A superb young actor, Adrian is a rising star in the motion picture industry. In the part of Raul, Adrian plays a former member of a Mexican drug cartel, who has been brought to Santa Cruz by James Christianson to become a man of God and his personal assistant. This actor is electrifying and going places. William describes him as a young Jack Nicholson. Adrian, we are fortunate to have you.


House on Rodeo Gulch, the movie

Brian Spencer-

A resident of Santa Cruz, Brian has been cast as “Bob Frisbey” the father to Chanel.  A superb actor, Brian has an extensive background in the theater. Besides beings a great director, he even has his own theatre company.


House on Rodeo Gulch, the movie

Barry Ratcliffe-

A resident of Hollywood, Barry has been seen in over fifty six TV series and theatrical motion pictures. (Nashville, Ted 2) He is seen on TV every other night. Barry is an outstanding actor with impeccable comedic timing. A young Will Ferrell but better looking, Barry is definitely going places.

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